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Education of staff was emphasized. Continuing in-service education was mandated for medical and other professionals and an academic linkage agreement was established with state colleges and universities to provide supervised clinical experiences for students.


In 1993, one of the hospital buildings was renovated to meet nursing home requirements and opened as Reginald P. White Nursing Facility 303. The EMSH adolescent school was officially named Magnolia Grove School and organized as a separate department with the appointment of a chief administrative officer. An internal school board was appointed to serve as governing body. In July of 1995, Magnolia Grove School completed all requirements to be certified as a Special School with full accreditation from the State Department of Education.

Opening of new facilities have marked the beginning of the twenty-first century. Two new group homes were opened in DeKalb, MS in August 2001. These homes provide residence for ten men and ten women in a homelike setting.


The Bradley A. Sanders Adolescent Complex or BASAC as it is commonly called, was dedicated April 18, 2002. Named after a longtime Department of Mental Health employee, the 50-bed complex was built on 63 acres of land near the hospital's main campus to replace the existing adolescent unit located in one of the hospitalís older buildings.†



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Bradley A. Sanders Adolescent Complex