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To provide behavioral health, chemical dependency and nursing home services in a caring and compassionate environment.


1. Patient Care:
The decisions affecting services are founded on the commitment to provide compassionate healthcare services in a secure environment that promotes personal growth and change. Trust and respect of patients and families is fostered when we treat them with dignity, respect, and honesty.

2. Resources:
Patient care is enhanced by the responsible use of our resources. Creative allocation of these assets helps us to accomplish our mission.

3. Employees:
Our employees are our most valuable resource. Staff are best able to offer therapeutic services and patients achieve their individual potential in an atmosphere that supports communication and opportunities for professional growth and development, and encourages teamwork to identify ways to continually improve services.

4. Ethical Standards:
Adherence to ethical principles is the basis of all decision making and staff are bound by these principles to respect the dignity and worth of individuals and the patientís right to self-determination.

5. Interdependence:
The hospital is a community within a community, in which support and services are both given and received. Staff are encouraged to participate in programs and activities that improve the quality of hospital and community life. We welcome involvement of the community in the life of the hospital and provide education and information to strengthen this relationship.


East Mississippi State Hospital will be a recognized leader in behavioral health, chemical dependency, and nursing home services.

Mission, Values & Vision